Wainscoting - A Common Kind Of Wall Coating

For over hundred years wainscoting has been a famous type of wall coating. Basically, in your Indianapolis house on the lower half of the drywalls this wainscoting or paneling is used. Wainscoting can be made of heavy fabric, marble, wood, ceramic tile or the newer materials such as plastic or the wood combinations. Even today, wood is the most famous of these. In groove boards, the tongue is the most famous among the wood constructions but in terms of serving this purpose any kind of decorative panel or even in some cases the old doors can also do.

Wainscots are the extension of the baseboard at its lowest level, which runs through the length of the room and you can get wainscoting at any height. Many of the baseboards can run up to the wall height of eight inches. Normally along with a decorative upper edge they are one board. The rooms that require something more although the home builders think that it is easier and better to complete the top along with a different piece that is where the wainscoting comes in action. The houses that are built before eighteen forty this style was seen there commonly.

Although it has been seen normally that wainscoting in its traditional form is slightly on the higher side. Generally it goes in height anywhere from 48 to 54 inches. It is used for protection as well as for decoration purposes. In the mid-nineteenth century the taller style of wainscoting started its popularity.

Even the higher levels of wainscots are there. In the nineteen hundreds these started to appear as fashion in the dining rooms. As high as sixty inches to seventy inches they can run. Cloth at the time for these was the most famous building material. Normally, it was a heavy linen material, grass cloth, or burlap and many of them are in rich colors as well.

Future for the wainscoting looks still good as the history of the wainscot has some of the interesting points. People love using reasonably priced wainscot. For only one hundred and fifty dollars a full room of superior wood wainscot can be supplied. People also love the look of the drywall and wainscoting Recently many costly houses utilize it in the original construction as it offers elegance. People identify along with it as one of the older building material as so many houses have wainscoting. Thus it can give a rich historical look to a newly constructed house. It has also been seen that people love the wainscoting's durability. Normally it cleans up along with a damp cloth and within few minutes it can look good just like the day of installation. It can also protect the walls from having damp in your older homes.

In the famous spotlight wainscoting had spent more than one hundred years and it seems that in the next hundred years also its fame will be continued.



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