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Homeowners, contractors and even real estate developers have been asking me questions and trying to get me to reveal my contractor secrets for years. I've been working in the construction business for over 30 years and then just starting to reveal some of the things that I have learned about the home building and remodeling business.

If you are thinking about building a room addition, the best advice that I can give you, would be to make sure that you plan everything out, before you start to build or work on the project. Room addition planning is very important and I can't stress that enough.

A good plan, will produce a smooth construction process.

If you decided to go on vacation, would you just jump in your car and start driving around the United States or would you put some thought into it and possibly plan your vacation out, before you actually got into your car and started driving.

Building a room addition isn't that much different. The key to a successful Indianapolis construction project is going to be proper planning and planning usually starts with drawing the plans. If you don't have any experience in architecture or home design, I would advise you to hire someone who does.

Make sure that your room addition plans are exactly, what you would like to be built on your property. Any changes that you will make in the future could cost you a lot of money.

Look at books, magazines and pictures that are all over the Internet about home designs and styles. Once the architect has drawn your room addition, I would advise you to spend at least one week but preferably at least two weeks looking at these plans at least one hour a night and making sure that you are positive that this is what you want.

Any changes that will be made down the road, could cost you a small fortune and delay the project.

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