Room Additions - Why They Make Sense

Many Indianapolis families are opting to add room additions rather than purchasing new houses. The reason: with the economy in a slump and the real estate market relaxed, many people simply can't afford to move into a new house.

If they need the extra space, have designs on a special room they don't currently have, or simply want something new, they are choosing to do some major remodeling rather than move. This makes sense for a lot of reasons. There are a host of benefits to adding your own home additions.

Improving the Sale Value

Building onto your indianapolis home can be an expensive proposition, there's no doubt about it. Though you can find reputable contractors who will do the job for a reasonable price, it's still going to cost a pretty penny to add that nursery on to the back wing of the home. It's going to eat into those hard earned savings to build that entertainment room off the main hallway.

But while these projects are expensive, they are likely to pay off in the long run. Studies have shown that well done remodeling projects are often wholly paid for by the increase in the house's sale price. In many cases, they are not only paid for, but they actually make the homeowner a profit. This by itself is enough reason to hire a contractor and get to work.

Less Costly

When you really think about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense to sell a perfectly good house just because you need more space. If you have the property space, it costs a lot less to simply add on a room to your existing one. Additionally, selling a house in today's market can be difficult and time consuming. You don't want to have your funds tied up paying two mortgages while you wait for your old home to sell.

Creative Space

Few people build their own houses. If you're like the majority of Americans, you purchased a house off the market, meaning you had absolutely no say in how that house was constructed. You like it, of course; it meets your needs and you obviously approved of the aesthetics or you wouldn't have bought it. However, nothing quite measures up to the satisfaction of being there and planning something from the ground up. Building your own home additions can give you that creative control.






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