Constructing a Faux Fireplace for a Focal Point

A fireplace can certainly add a lot of warmth, comfort and beauty to a home. However, even if your home doesn't have a fireplace, you can still create one that can become the focal point of any room. Constructing a faux fireplace can be a great way to add design interest, warmth and character. Here are a few great ideas you can use to add a faux fireplace to your own home.

Simple Fireplace Styles

It really doesn't take much more than a few pieces of plywood, some ceramic or stone tile, and a few hand tools and screws to create a simple free-standing faux fireplace. First, measure the wall where you'd like to build your fireplace, and decide how large it should be. Once you have these measurements, construct a simple box out of plywood, taking care to create a standard sized opening in the front which will serve as the firebox opening. Connect the plywood pieces together with screws for added strength. Place it against the wall so that you can check that the size looks as you imagined it would in the room. Then, cut another piece of plywood to fit under the fireplace, which will serve as the hearth. You can paint the hearth if desired, or cover with tiles. Set the fireplace box that you constructed on the hearth board.

To protect the hearth while you work, cover exposed surfaces with a plastic tarp. Then, cover the box exterior with stone or ceramic tile, using a suitable adhesive. When everything is dry, apply grout if needed. You can then install a wall mounted mantel over your new faux fireplace. Place a fireplace screen in front of the firebox opening to add a realistic touch. If desired, place a candle plate and short chunky candles inside the firebox. When lit, the candles will add the realistic look of flames to your fireplace. Of course, make sure that the candles are far enough away from any flammable surfaces to prevent fire hazards.

Decorating Your Faux Fireplace

To transform a simple faux fireplace into a beautiful focal point, you'll need to add a few decorating details. Accessorize your mantel with a few decorative pieces. Candles, a few framed family photos, a couple of knick knacks or a potted flower or plant can add a nice touch. To add sparkle and beauty, hang a mirror over the mantel. Or, add a bit of color and visual interest by hanging a framed painting, art print or wreath over the fireplace.

A candle sconce hung on each side of the artwork or mirror can also add a nice touch. Lay a decorative area rug in front of the hearth to add a bit of authenticity, color and warmth. You can also add a realistic touch by displaying a set of fireplace tools off to one side. Arrange a couple of comfortable chairs nearby, and your room will have all the charm and beauty of a real fireplace - without the need to carry wood into the house.


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