Crown Molding Ideas

So you have decided to add crown molding to your Indianapolis family room, living room or bedroom but what kind of design is right for you?

Step #1 - Start with the Basics. Your project should be based on the type of space you plan to install it in. What kind of look does your space exude? Formal? Casual? Contemporary? You will need to make sure you have identified the overall look and feel of the space before you can even begin to plan your design.

Step #2 - The Perfect Match. So now that you have identified the overall theme for your space, it's time to match up your crown molding idea to your space. You don't want a plain, simple profile molding in a very formal, rich space and you also don't want a very intricate and ornate molding in a very simple, casual space. If you are installing in a very simple space, you can use Indianapolis crown molding to dress up the space slightly but don't go overboard or it will show. Choose wisely and don't be hasty. Try to obtain a small sample of a crown molding design you may like, bring it into your room and tape it up to the ceiling with some painters tape. This will give you a general idea of what your finished product will look like.

Step #3 - How High can you Go? Your design should also reflect the height of your ceilings. Spaces with lower ceilings should not have wide or built up crown molding. By contrast however, a small piece of crown molding will look lost in a large space with high ceilings. Proper proportion is vital do achieve a finished well balanced look for your space.

Step #4 - Blend It! Now that you have your crown molding idea finalized, it's time to add some color! Try out different color schemes between your molding and your walls and try to visualize the final product. Stark contrasting colors will make your molding pop while colors that blend a little closer will bring your room together. Color is very subjective and the appeal of the finished product is left to the eye of the beholder. Once your space is completed you can sit back and enjoy!


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